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DDD Support

Aria Management is a vendor that supports DDD providers. Aria Management offers you access to our industry expert with 43+ years of experience, passion and excellence in this unique industry who has spent the entirety of their career dedicated to coming alongside DDD providers in need of assistance.

Our Services can be bundled or not, depending on your needs.

We provide the following services:


  • 2024 Qualified Vendor Agreement (QVA) – This service includes the following scope of work:

  • Collection of documentation and information

  • Creating the policies and procedures for the application

  • Completing and submitting the application

  • Addressing follow-up questions or corrections that need to be completed to garner DDD approval.  Periodic maintenance would be completed on an hourly basis.


  • Behavioral Treatment Plans (BTP) – There is a frequent requirement to write, submit and respond to department inquiries.  These BTP plan submissions are required for any member on psychotropic medications annually.  BTP Price:  $500 per completed BTP (includes presentation).


  • Human Resource Regulatory Compliance (OIG, SAM, APS, Central Registry, FPCC Verification, Office of Licensing) – Initiating, managing, and monthly verification of OIG and SAM. Monitoring your staff for compliance with these regulatory requirements involves an organized, structured, and experienced management. 


  • Operational Reporting (Fact Finding and Corrective Action Plans) – As part of the daily management process, there is a need to respond to department inquiries, Fact Finding requests and CAPS. These responses often require additional Corrective Action Plans or other responses. 


  •  Monthly ongoing Consulting


  • Human Resources (HR) – Providing a partial or full suite of HR services, including:

  • Corrective Action/Termination Assistance

  • Creation/Updating of HR Manual

  • Employees Benefits Review – Create better, more affordable options.

  • Staff Training – Technical or General

  • Leadership Training


  • Accounting and Record Keeping – General accounting and bookkeeping services.


  • DD Billing Services – Beginning in October of 2023, we can provide billing services for your DD operation.


  • DHS Licensure Ready Review – Inspection, analysis and written report for Nursing Supported Group Homes and Traditional Homes


  • Quarterly DDD Readiness Review – Monitor and inspect homes for DDD Readiness


  • Regulatory Compliance Ad Hoc Advice – Providing advice, policies/procedures, and training for targeted compliance issues (i.e., Clia Waiver for NSGH)


  • Policies and Procedures Updates/Revisions – Beyond the QVA process, there are periodic policies and procedures that are required for new services, division regulatory updates, etc.


  • Facility Maintenance Support – Complete a monthly walk-thru your facility to assess the fire, life, and safety regulatory requirements, as well as changing air filters.  Additionally, we can provide hourly maintenance repair services if you desire.


  • Vacation Coverage – We have experienced operations personnel that can manage your operation while you take a well-deserved vacation.


  • Profitability Assessment – Review of your operation and provide recommendations for best practice techniques and methods to increase profitability.


  • Marketing – Provide marketing support services that help generate higher volume for your business.  These services could include:

  • Logo and Branding Design

  • Website Creation and Management

  • Social Media Creation and Management

  • Marketing materials creation – Brochures, fliers, feature summaries

  • Company SWAG – pens, shirts, hats, water bottles, etc.

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